Monday, February 25, 2008

Coalition Opposed to Proposition 98 Files Lawsuit to Ensure Title & Summary Accurately Reflects Measure’s Rent Control Provisions

Today, members of the No on 98/Yes on 99 coalition filed a lawsuit in Sacramento County Superior Court, asking a judge to change the official title of Proposition 98 to include mention of the measure’s rent control provisions. Currently, the official title of the measure prepared by the California Attorney General’s Office only informs voters of the measure’s eminent domain provisions, and excludes any mention of eliminating rent control, which is one of Prop. 98’s main provisions. The summary itself includes mention of rent control as the second point, but not the title.

By law, the official title of an initiative is supposed to summarize the principle provisions of a measure. The lawsuit also contends that principle provisions in Prop. 98 would interfere with local land-use and environmental laws and regulations, and should also be included in the Title and Summary. Plaintiffs in the lawsuit include the California Alliance for Retired Americans and Tenants Together. To read the press release, click here.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Prop. 98 Is an Attack on Real People!

Profiles of the types of people who will be harmed by Proposition 98 - the landlords’ deceptive attack on renters, rent control, and renter protections.

Conny Caruso Hutchinson is a 77 year-old senior citizen who has to work a job at a local movie theater in order to supplement her fixed (retirement) income. Conny lives in a modest apartment in Park La Brea. Were it not for rent control, she wouldn’t be able to afford to live in Los Angeles. In addition to phasing out rent control, Proposition 98 eliminates important renter protections, like laws against unfair evictions. Landlords would have a huge financial incentive and much more legal leeway to get rid of tenants and their rent control. Once rent control on a unit is gone, it’s gone for good. That means tenants like Conny and millions others could never move – without facing devastating rent increases. Prop. 98 is an attack on renters – renters like Conny.
"I am 77 years-old and have to work part time in my golden years just to make ends meet. If it weren’t for rent control, I wouldn’t be able to afford a place to live. I hope voters reject Prop. 98 to protect people like me.”
- Conny Caruso Hutchinson, Los Angeles

Wealthy landlords and mobile home park owners are trying to pass Prop. 98 for their own financial gain. California Secretary of State records show that more than 85% of funding to put Prop. 98 on the ballot came from wealthy landlords and organizations representing them. These landlords are trying to trick voters into believing they wrote Prop. 98 to reform eminent domain. But these landlords don’t care about eminent domain – they only care about provisions in the initiative that would phase out rent control laws at the expense of seniors, veterans, single moms and working families. Prop. 98 also guts important protections for all renters, like laws requiring the fair return of rental deposits and laws protecting tenants from unfair and unjust evictions. Prop. 98 is an attack on all existing and future renters in California.
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Monday, February 11, 2008

No on Proposition 98 Campaign Releases Diverse List of California Organizations Opposing Proposition 98 – the Landlords’ Attack on Renters

Organizations Representing Millions of Seniors, Teachers, Public Safety Officials, Renters, Farmers, Business, Environmentalists and Labor Oppose Prop. 98

Sacramento, CA –The No on Prop. 98 Committee announced Friday the most recent additions to the diverse coalition of organizations opposed to Prop. 98 on the June ballot. Nearly 100 prominent organizations representing seniors, teachers, public safety, business leaders, organized labor, renters, religious groups, farmers and environmentalists have come out in formal opposition to Prop. 98, dubbed the “Hidden Agendas Scheme” by opponents.

Prop. 98 is a deceptive measure. California Secretary of State records show that more than 85% of funding for the measure comes from wealthy landlords and organizations representing them. These landlords are trying to trick voters into believing Prop. 98 deals with eminent domain. But these landlords don’t care about eminent domain. The landlords only care about their Hidden provisions in the initiative – ones that would wipe out rent control laws and other important renter protections. Prop. 98 also would gut environmental protections, threaten new public water projects and decimate local land use planning.

A complete list of organizations opposing the Hidden Agendas Scheme can be found here. The new organizations to recently announce their opposition to Prop. 98 are listed below:

California Police Chiefs Association
California Teachers Association
League of Women Voters of California
Silicon Valley Leadership Group
National Wildlife Federation
Western Center on Law and Poverty
California Church Impact
Black, Asian, Minority and Ethnic Renaissance, CDC