Friday, April 4, 2008

Voters Start Voting In One Month – Get the Word Out Today!!

While the June 3rd election is two months away, "vote-by-mail" voters begin receiving their ballots – and could start voting – the first week in May. We need your help to make sure people know that Prop. 98 is a deceptive scheme full of hidden agendas, funded by wealthy landlords that attacks renters, our environment, and jeopardizes water quality and supply, and our economy. And, that Prop. 99 is powerful, honest reform that would protect our homes from eminent domain abuse. It contains no hidden agendas and no adverse consequences. Get the word out today!

Link to our web site – the more people who link to us, the more chance we have of coming up in internet search engines.

Send an e-mail to all registered California voters in your address book.

Put a newsletter article (PDF) in your organization’s newsletter so everyone in your organization knows how to vote on 98/99.

* Write a Letter-to-the-Editor to your local paper. Sample Letters (PDF files):
Yes on 99
No on 98: Renters
No on 98: Water
No on 98: Environment

* If you rent, put this letter under the door of every apartment in your complex.

* Forward this email to a friend.

* Make a plan to handout literature the weekend right before absentee ballots hit – handouts available here.

* Volunteer to get involved in activities in your region, including press conferences, precinct walking, and more. E-mail

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